About us

Jocelyn Okubo, Knitter

The OKUBO brand was born from a nearly lifelong search for knitting accessories that matched my aesthetic and sense of craft. Unable to find a knitting bag or accessory pouch that appealed to me, I toted my projects around in ziplock baggies, treating my precious works-in-progress like leftover pot roast. The functionality rating on Hefty’s best is high, but there was little pride in pulling it out in public.

I was searching for carriers that were simple, functional, and intrinsically beautiful. I wanted to keep my tools and projects organized and portable, and surround them with beautiful, durable materials. I was usually disappointed in my qusests, and I realized that I would need to create them on my own. So I began to measure, cut, and sew... Many prototypes and revisions over the next two years resulted in a collection of project bags and tool storage that are made for the modern knitter. I thought a lot about our knitting community, the shared love of fiber, making things with your hands, and the restorative power of integrity. Inspired by the simple utility of Japanese design and the warmth and efficiency of my Scandinavian aesthetic, my aim is to create objects and accessories that bring you as much joy as practicing your craft provides. I want our work to reflect the beauty of your work.

We're always thinking of new ways to keep our projects organized, and searching for new and innovative accessories. Follow us at @carry.okubo on Instagram to see what's next for OKUBO.
Happy knitting,